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Things to Do in Kodaikanal

Tucked away in the Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal beckons with its natural beauty and a wide array of attractions. Whether you're seeking peace, adventure or just a break from the daily grind, Kodaikanal has something for everyone. Join us on a journey through this hill station as we uncover some of the best things to do in Kodaikanal.

Kodaikanal Lake

Begin your adventure at the heart of town, Kodaikanal Lake. This star-shaped lake is a popular spot for boating, fishing and bird watching. It also houses diverse flora and fauna, from fish and frogs to turtles and snakes. Take a leisurely stroll along the serene promenade, breathe in the fresh air and bask in the peaceful atmosphere. Our hotel, strategically positioned next to Kodaikanal Lake, offers an ideal lakeside view, enhancing your lakeside experience.

kodaikanal lake
Coaker s Walk

Coaker's Walk

Coaker's Walk, a 1-kilometre paved pedestrian pathway, meanders along the steep slopes of Kodaikanal's Palni Hills. Offering breathtaking panoramic vistas of the encompassing mountains, valleys and Kodaikanal Lake, this walkway originally served a military purpose but now welcomes the public. Accessible from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM with a nominal entry fee, the optimal times to explore Coaker's Walk are early morning or late evening when the weather is milder and visibility is better. Once you arrive at Coaker's Walk, you can commence your stroll from either end, with numerous viewpoints en route to pause and admire the scenic beauty. Don't miss Telescope House situated at the southern end, featuring a telescope for a closer look at the surrounding landscapes.

Dolphin's Nose

Dolphin's Nose, a prominent flat rock jutting out over a spectacular 6,600 foot chasm in Kodaikanal, stands as one of the city's top tourist destinations known for its stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Situated approximately 8 kilometres from Kodaikanal town, the most convenient mode of transportation to reach here is by taxi or an auto-rickshaw. Dolphin's Nose also offers pleasant picnic spots nearby, ideal for sharing a meal with family and friends. It's a beautiful location for witnessing either a sunrise or sunset, with particularly serene views from the viewpoint during these magical hours.

An aerial view of dolphins nose viewpoint with mist covering the background
Caps Valley Viewpoint

Caps Valley Viewpoint

Caps Valley Viewpoint, locally known as Thoppi Thooki Paarai in Tamil, is a hidden treasure located approximately 17 kilometres away from Kodaikanal town. It's known for its stunning views of the nearby mountains and valleys, coupled with a distinctive boomerang effect. The scenery from Caps Valley Viewpoint is nothing short of breathtaking, offering unobstructed views that stretch for miles in every direction. The area's unique feature lies in its ability to return lightweight objects, like caps, thrown from the viewpoint due to the strong winds. There's also a picnic spot nearby, perfect for enjoying a meal with your family and friends. This place also serves as an excellent location to witness the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, with the surrounding views becoming even more captivating during these periods. 

Pillars of Nature

Named Pillars of Nature, this site lives up to its title by showcasing nature's artistic prowess. Located approximately 8 kilometres from Kodaikanal town, it features a natural rock formation composed of three imposing granite boulders, each standing tall at heights of up to 400 feet. These rocks have become a renowned tourist attraction, offering panoramic views of the nearby mountains and valleys. Visitors can go on a brief walk around the base of Pillar Rocks, which unveils even more captivating perspectives of the surrounding landscape. Another point of interest is Devil's Kitchen, a narrow chasm located between two of the Pillar Rocks, providing an ideal spot for photography and marvelling at the unique rock formations. Pillars of Nature is a must-visit attraction for anyone exploring Kodaikanal.

Pillar Rocks

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