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Enjoy Kodaikanal Chocolates

Kodaikanal is a haven for souvenir enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of items that make it a paradise for shopaholics. Among the popular choices are eucalyptus oil, cheese, coffee, and fresh fruits. However, the standout attraction in this hill station is undoubtedly the chocolates. Every lane is lined up with chocolate shops, showcasing a wide variety of chocolates. Delve into this article to explore more about the unique chocolate offerings of Kodaikanal.

History of Chocolates in Kodaikanal 

Kodaikanal's cool climate is perfect for chocolatiers to begin and store their concoctions, and this was discovered very early on in the 1850s by the American Missionaries. However, Kodaikanal chocolates gained popularity after India's independence in 1947 when brands like Cadbury entered the Indian market. The locals in Kodaikanal had a head-start when it came to chocolate making in the country and the entrepreneurs of the hill station jumped on this opportunity.

Kodaikanal set itself apart in the industry with the usage of local ingredients and unique flavour combinations, thus making the perfect souvenirs to take back home.

cocoa beans
Homemade chocolate

A Guide to Kodaikanal Homemade Chocolates

If you're on the hunt for unique chocolate flavours, Kodaikanal is your ideal destination. This town is renowned for its chocolates, made with recipes handed down through generations. The offerings range from the rich Kodaikanal dark chocolates to varieties infused with local fruits. Many shops entice customers with a display of their tempting homemade chocolates, making it the perfect starting point for your exploration.

To discover more homemade chocolates, consider engaging with the locals, who are the best guides to the hidden gems in their town. Additionally, let your senses lead the way; often, the enticing aroma of chocolates being made is enough to draw people towards these delightful treats. The true charm of homemade chocolates lies in the adventure of discovering these exceptional creations.

Chocolate with crisps
dark chocolate with raspberry

A Chocolate Lover's Activity 

Several chocolate shops and factories in Kodaikanal offer tours and guide the ones interested through their chocolate-making process. Now, it might not be as whimsical or adventurous as Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and there will be no Oompa Loompas working in plain sight but these tours are quite informational and come with chocolate tasting!

If a tour is not hands-on enough, you can also enrol for a chocolate-making workshop. Learn to make chocolate from scratch, right from roasting the cocoa beans to the packaging.

There are several shops to choose from for chocolates in Kodaikanal, therefore, pace out your search and reside in The Carlton. Its proximity to major tourist attractions is ideal for those who wish to explore Kodaikanal while enjoying gorgeous views of the lake and the hills. Enjoy your chocolates with a cup of coffee nestled in your cosy room first thing in the morning at this paradise.