Kodaikanal - A Monsoon Wonderland

mountains in Kodaikanal

Few places on earth are as heavenly as Kodaikanal in monsoon. The rainy season in Kodaikanal transforms the hill station, surrounded by lush woods and serene waters, into a dewy fairyland. Aptly titled "The Princess of Hill Stations", a Kodaikanal monsoon cannot be missed as the whole vista comes alive! The misty dew enveloping the hill slopes and the sweet scent of flower blooms like dahlias and the native Kurinjis will nourish your spirit here. The monsoon season witnesses a drop in the temperature to a slightly chilly but cosy 16–20 degrees, leading to the perfect sweater weather!

Kodaikanal stays true to its Tamil meaning - "The Gift of the Forest". The forest’s sparkling water bodies - the lakes and the waterfalls - live up to their glory. These waterfalls are a delight to visit during the monsoon season. The downpour enhances the beauty of these places and creates a splendid ambience for travelling guests. We have curated a list of such heavenly spots to visit during the rainy season!

Kodaikanal lake

Kodai Lake

Kodai Lake is a manmade star-shaped wonder surrounded by stunning views of the Palani Hills. This serene landmark is perfect for a relaxed outing comprising boating, sightseeing, and clicking photos. Apart from gorging on street food at the food stalls dotting this spot, you can also participate in sports activities like horse riding and cycling around the lake, when it does not rain! Kodai Lake promises a fun-filled day of experiencing the beauty of nature to refresh your body and mind!

Berijam Lake

This freshwater reservoir is situated amid a lush forest, making it a good opportunity to spot animals like bison, elephants and monkeys. You will need to get prior permission from the forest department to travel here in a vehicle, as the number of entries is limited to 50 per day. A trip to this enthralling location is worthwhile, thanks to its soothing balm of peaceful silence and the tranquil views that wait to greet you! You can pack some food and set up a picnic spot as well! During monsoon, the cloudy weather elevates the mystical appearance of the place. August, the ideal time to visit the lake, bestows travellers with mist-covered hills that surround the lake and occasional drizzles that make the surrounding verdure pop!

Silver Cascade Falls

The water from Berijam Lake and Kodaikanal Lake comes in unison and forms River Palar. This river is the source of the mesmerising Silver Cascade Falls. Embrace the spray and taste of freshwater here. You can sample fresh and juicy fruits from roadside vendors while you sit in awe of this mighty waterfall. Photography enthusiasts will not be disappointed during their visit as the cascade provides several photogenic viewpoints during the rainy season.

vertical image of waterfalls

Glen Falls

Kodaikanal is home to multiple exquisite waterfalls that win the hearts of nature lovers and photographers. Nestled in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, it is a popular picnic spot. Carrying your camera here is a must because you simply cannot miss clicking souvenirs here! The ethereal waterfall is surrounded by wildlife, home to a rich collection of flora and fauna. The perfect time to visit this location is during the monsoon season - the months between September to March. It is when the cascade's falling water blends with the pouring rain, creating an enthralling union that should not be missed! Other waterfalls to visit include Fairy Falls and Bear Shola Falls.

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Liril Falls


This list remains incomplete without the honorary mention of the well-known Liril Falls, the stepped waterfall of Kodaikanal!

Pambar Falls came to be known as Liril Falls after the advertisement of the bathing soap, Liril, was popularised at this location. The rocky formation of the steps hailed it with the recognition as a stepped waterfall. Liril Falls descend from a decent height and form a small pool at the bottom. It is a delight to step in and play in the water. The cool climate, drizzling rain and the forest trails add to the beauty of the picturesque place.

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