Off-beat Destinations to Explore in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is called as the “Princess of Hill stations” because it is located just a few hours from nearby cities and serves as the perfect getaway to beat the stress and the repetitive loop of life. Kodaikanal is home to picturesque locations, lush green valleys, ancient architecture and much more to help the visitors refresh and rejuvenate themselves.
This January head to some of these offbeat destinations in Kodaikanal and enjoy some solace and solitude.

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Berijam Lake
Berijam Lake is a place that is tucked away from the major tourist spots in Kodaikanal. It is located inside a forest reserve and visitors need to take prior permission from the forest officials before visiting this location. The forest officials only provide permission for a daytime stay under the condition that the visitors should leave the area before dusk.


an old building with arched ceilings

Timeless Churches
There are many ancient churches in Kodaikanal and St. Peters church is one of them. It was built in the year 1887 in the colonial-style architecture. This church is located close to Coaker’s walk which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kodaikanal.


A dark cave

Explore the Guna Cave

The Guna Cave is sometimes called the “Devil’s Kitchen”. It is a group of caves located between large boulders. This cave is between these rock formations and therefore has a creepy vibe around it. The tree roots and the bats which occupy these caves look they belong in a horror flick from the 80s. Visiting these caves in Kodaikanal should be on your itinerary if you are a horror movie enthusiast.

person sitting on mountain cliff

Take a trek up to Dolphin’s Nose

If you are an adventure enthusiast then you must take a trek to Dolphin’s Nose. It is a 1-kilometre trek that leads to a destination which resembles a pointed rock. The trek is mildly difficult and takes about 3 hours to complete. The trek closes at 6 PM so be sure to reach the venue in time.


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Kodaikanal is best visited during the months of October and March. The windy atmosphere and the cool nights are ideal for travellers to take a refreshing break. If you plan to visit Kodaikanal in January ensure that you are there for the annual Pongal festival.


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By Air
To reach Kodaikanal you can alight at the Madurai International Airport which is located about 120 kilometres. From the Airport, you can avail either buses or taxis to make the commute to Kodaikanal.

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By Road
Kodaikanal is located about 460 kilometres from Bangalore and about 530 kilometres from Chennai. The average travel time is about nine and a half hours from these two prominent cities. Based on your budget you can either travel via your own vehicle or you can aboard the many state government buses which will happily drop you off to Kodaikanal.

train crossing a short bridge across a river

By Train
Kodai Road is the nearest railway station when you are travelling to Kodaikanal. It serves as a train to bus transfer point to the people who are visiting Kodaikanal which is located about 2 to 3 hours away. Taxis and buses are readily available from the Kodai station for those who want to visit Kodaikanal.


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