The Wonders Around Kodaikanal Lake | Things to do at Kodai Lake

The Wonders Around Kodaikanal Lake

Located in Dindigul district, The Kodaikanal Lake is a popular tourist attraction in the city. In the year 1863, Sir Vere Henry Levinge, former Collector of Madurai was passionately working his charm to create a wonderful place out of Kodaikanal. This beautiful lake is considered to be one of the most popular attractions in the town. The lake has been capturing immense attraction mainly due to its star-shape and the lush greenery cascading around the Palani Hills Range. One of the major travel hubs near the lake is Kodai Bus Stand with just 3 kilometres of distance.

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The History

Sir Vere Henry Levinge settled in Kodaikanal after his retirement in the year 1863, after which he dedicated his precious time to the welfare of this beautiful town. He spent a good fortune to transform the surrounding and build multiple streams of the lake. This intensified the passion and love for boating all over the state as well as neighbouring states. 

LakeView Point
Kodaikanal Lake dotted with boats

Top Activities To Do At Kodai Lake

Admiring the creation of nature, an endless number of tourists all around the world, including kids, take a walk around, sail on the boats, ride horses or just gaze at the sparkling lake. If you have a knack for fishing, then this popular attraction can win your heart. Grab onto the best boat services in the town and enjoy the captivating scenery of the lake. You can also get a hold on a luxury boat for a reasonable price.

The Kurinji Flower 

Have you ever seen the wonders of a flower that blooms once in every 12 years? This unique flower is found at Kodaikanal Lake that was last bloomed in the year of 2004. Tourists from across the world come to visit the lake to get a glimpse of this rare flowering plant. Varieties of fruits are also prominent in this location.

Indigo lillies

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