Experience the Beauty of Kodaikanal Lake

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Kodaikanal lake, also known as "Kodai lake", is a star-shaped man-made lake situated next to The Carlton - 5 Star Hotel in Kodaikanal. Centrally located, Kodaikanal lake is often regarded as the heart of the city and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kodaikanal.

The Kodaikanal lake is surrounded by lush green trees of the Palani hills range. It hosts a boathouse, the Kodaikanal Boat and Rowing Club, and offers a plethora of boating options, including rowboats and pedal boats as part of its boat service. You can also rent bicycles or just walk around the idyllic five kilometers stretch that envelopes the lake. There is a bevy of local shops nearby, serving various delicacies to satisfy your stomach after the boat ride and to give you an authentic taste of the local specialties.

You can also choose from a variety of souvenirs to remember your beautiful vacation in Kodaikanal. The summer season brings in engaging events like the Boat Pageant and various flower shows.  The lake boasts of a varied and unique collection of flora and fauna, which adds to its natural beauty.

Exterior of The Carlton  Hotel, Kodaikanal
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Hotel Near Kodaikanal Lake

The whole town is built around this serene lake and so are most of the hotels, to provide easy access to this much-admired jewel of Kodaikanal. While on vacation, finding a well-situated and comfortable place to stay is often paramount as it helps uplift your mood and de-stress you after a long day of sight-seeing.

The Carlton - 5 Star Hotel in Kodaikanal stands out with its location, hospitality, and colonial charm. Situated right across the lake, providing breathtaking views, Carlton has its own private boating club offering you boats to take a relaxing spin around the Kodaikanal Lake. After an enthralling and adventurous day in Kodaikanal, The Carlton offers a variety of best restaurants in Kodaikanal to satisfy both your taste buds and hunger pangs!

The club at our hotel near Kodaikanal lake also arranges for innumerable indoor games and sports, library, gym, and a spa for your relaxation. Wake up early, enjoy the surreal charm of a Kodaikanal Lake sunrise, spend some idle time in one of Carlton's exclusive private boats, do some sightseeing, enjoy delicious food at the terrace restaurant overlooking the lake, and cap off the magical day with relaxing sleep in one of Carlton's comfortable and luxurious rooms.

LakeView Point, The Carlton 5 Star hotel in Kodaikanal, Day in Kodaikanal

The Lake View Point, which is only 3 kilometres from The Carlton Hotel, gives you a majestic bird's-eye view of the Kodai Lake and the Palani Hills. If you have more time, there are a lot of interesting tourist attractions in close proximity to the lake - La Saleth Church, Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Museum, Coakers Walk, Guna Cave, Vattakanal Falls, and others.

Plan your vacation to Kodaikanal and even if you do not have much time to spare; spending time at the lake while getting spoiled by the 5-star experience at The Carlton Hotel near Kodaikanal lake is highly recommended!