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A Mesmerizing Flower Show in Kodaikanal

Kodai Vizha is an annual festival that takes place in the beautiful hill station of Kodaikanal, located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. Held in May during the summer, this event brings together a stunning display of flowers, showcasing the creativity and talent of the organizers. The picturesque hill station hosts a large 10-day celebration at Bryant's Park and the area around it to draw in a large number of tourists every year.

In Kodaikanal, flowers are shown with a colourful parade through the beautiful streets of the valley. Dancers in traditional attire, musicians playing local instruments, and floats decorated with flowers and foliage create a festive atmosphere as they make their way through the town. The parade culminates in Bryant Park, where the festivities continue throughout the day. As you walk into Bryant Park, the first thing that catches your attention is the burst of colours.

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Kodaikanal Flowers

Sunflowers blooming amidst the beautiful landscape and glowing sun

The flowers in Kodaikanal are arranged in beautiful patterns and designs to create a feast for the eyes. You can see the vivid reds of the roses, the bright yellows of the sunflowers, and the delicate pinks of the cherry blossoms. One of the highlights of the show is the variety of flowers on display. From the towering gladioli to the tiny pansies, every flower seems to have a story to tell. You can learn about the different species and their origins, and marvel at the intricate details of each bloom. As you walk around the park, you can feel the fragrance of the flowers wafting through the air. The sweet smell of the roses mingles with the spicy scent of the marigolds, creating a symphony of fragrances that awakens your senses.

You can also explore the various stalls selling traditional crafts and delicacies. The craft stalls display handcrafted items, such as intricate wood carvings and handmade pottery. The food stalls offer a wide variety of local delicacies, such as spicy curries, savoury snacks, and sweet desserts. One of the must-try items is the Kodaikanal famous hot chocolate. You can also find a variety of souvenirs to take home, such as handmade jewellery and locally produced spices.Music and dance are also important parts of Kodai Vizha. You can enjoy performances by local artists, showcasing the unique musical traditions of the region.The dance performances include traditional styles, such as Bharatanatyam and folk dances, as well as contemporary styles.

Hot chocolate getting served in Kodaikanal
Magnificent lush green mountains in Kodaikanal

One of the unique aspects of Kodai Vizha is the emphasis on conservation and environmental awareness. The festival organizers use eco-friendly practices to minimize waste and promote sustainable living. They also encourage visitors to adopt these practices in their daily lives. You can participate in various eco-friendly activities, such as tree planting and garbage collection drives.When visiting the breathtaking landscapes of Kodaikanal, it's highly recommended to indulge in a luxurious stay at The Carlton, conveniently located only 1 km away from Bryant Park. With its selection of three distinct room categories, exceptional dining choices, and personalized services, The Carlton is dedicated to crafting an unforgettable vacation experience.