Best Waterfalls in Kodaikanal That You Cannot Miss

Waterfalls, wherever you go, are always an attraction that stands out, something that everyone likes to experience. For some, it is a recluse, and for some a thing of everlasting beauty and a gift of nature. While all of this is true for any waterfall you pick, there is something strikingly magical about the waterfalls in Kodaikanal that just sets it apart from the rest. So let us take a look at some of the best falls near Kodaikanal that you absolutely cannot miss during your vacation!

Bear Shola Falls

Located in close proximity to Kodaikanal Lake resides one of the most breathtaking seasonal waterfalls - Bear Shola Falls. It gushes out in all its majesty during the monsoon seasons. Situated amid a dense forest area, the waterfall is adorned with beautiful wildlife on either side. A fascinating tale behind the origin of its name is that a bear called this place home and frequently visited here for the freshwater source. During the rest of the seasons, when the waterfall dries up, the steps act as a perfect trekking trail. So even if you visit during the off-season, there is something to pique your interest!

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Fairy Falls near our hotel in Kodaikanal amhkbc

Fairy Falls

Fairy Falls is one of the less frequented waterfall spots in Kodaikanal. Located amid serenity, this hidden gem is a treat for sore eyes. It is an enthralling location for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. A beautiful bridge that was constructed in front of the cascades conveniently creates the perfect spot for shutterbugs' faces to capture moments. Fairy Falls, Kodaikanal also acts as the origin point of Vaigai River and other waterfalls like Liril falls, Vattakanal Waterfalls and Kumbakarai Falls. It is the go-to spot for a memorable picnic as well.

Silver Falls

Known as Silver Cascades Waterfall, it is a two-step waterfall falling from 180 ft. Found its origin from Kodaikanal Lake, this waterfall is located on the verges of the Kodai-Madurai state highway. Although entry to the base of the waterfalls is restricted, you can enjoy the mesmerising charm of Silver Falls, Kodaikanal during long drives. Get a bite to eat from the vendors of the many shops that border the road and relax for a bit. Rest your feet and feel the soft shower from the spray of the waterfall graze your face. Breathe in the unique smell of land that is invigorated by the strong waterfall, giving it company.

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Liril Waterfalls near our 5 star hotel in Tamil Nadu

Liril Falls

Have you ever caught yourself humming to the tune of a nostalgic advertisement seen on television, and thought about how even the smallest things have stayed with you over the years? Liril was one such brand that caught the attention of viewers across India! The iconic advertisement marketing Liril, the bathing soap, was shot against the waterfall’s backdrop that resulted in the cascade being named on its account. As exciting as that nugget of information is, we cannot take the focus away from the hero of it all - Liril Falls.

Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the neighbouring hills and crystal clear water gracing over the numerous step-like rock formations, Liril Falls, Kodaikanal is as good as they come! The beauty of it, especially during the monsoon season is surely a sight for the memories.

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