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Best Things to Buy in Kodaikanal

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Visit the beautiful hills of Kodaikanal and do not go wild on a shopping spree. Here is a guide for the best things to buy in Kodaikanal to help you with your shopping and to take some souvenirs with you back home!

Travelling to Kodaikanal brings a variety of imagery, including picture-perfect mountain panoramas, stunning Kurinji flowers, amazing waterfalls, temples and colonial buildings to mind. A trip to Kodaikanal wouldn't be complete without making a stop at the bustling marketplaces. It is one of the best sites to buy handicrafts, homemade chocolates and medicinal oils. One should account for allocating a sizable chunk of time at the end of your journey for purchasing souvenirs.

When visiting Kodaikanal, special things to buy on your trip include:

Cheese & Chocolate

One cannot help but be in awe of the variety of mouth-watering cheese and homemade chocolates available in Kodaikanal. Check out the bakeries lining Lake Street for the best of the lot. It is a must-visit attraction that offers various things to buy in Kodaikanal!

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You can go to the Danish Display at Anna Salai if you're an art enthusiast. You will be spoiled for choice with the variety of handicrafts, mementoes, trinkets and thrift jewellery. The Kashmiri shawls, brass and other metal ware and leather goods sold at The Khadi Emporium and other stores, are widely renowned.

Fresh Produce

Because Kodaikanal has pleasant weather all year long, there are many fresh fruits and vegetables and other locally-produced foods to select from. The Anna Salai market is a favourite among the locals. The greatest produce, straight from nearby farms, are offered at the organic farmers' market, which is open for three hours every Saturday.
Looking for organic food stores? There are various vendors like Eco-Nut, that offer 100% organic items. Choose from jams, pickles, lotions, balms, oils, incense bread, other baked goods and vegetables that were farmed responsibly. Additionally, the store sells homemade cheese, chocolate and blueberry muffins, honey, hi-tea and chocolates. In essence, it offers everything you need to complete your Kodai shopping list!

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yarns of wool


The vibrant selection of woollen clothing on display at Corsack, Anna Salai Market will take your breath away. There is a wide selection to keep you warm and cosy amidst Kodaikanal's cold climate, from hand-woven sweaters to chic coats and shawls.

Oils & Spices

Some of the most well-liked items from nearby sellers include aromatic oils and natural spices. When looking for inexpensive local spices, herbal teas and coffee mixes, Kaleeswari Market's spice corner is the place to go.
You will discover that a tonne of stores offer heavenly-smelling oils and balms in Kodaikanal. Since Eucalyptus trees are widely spread throughout this area, it is quite simple to locate the tree's therapeutic oil. You can also get neem oil, wintergreen (both red and white), pain relievers and citronella oil for incredibly low prices.

essential oils

There are several shops in Kodaikanal that are worth visiting. The town has over 3,000 stores in total, 600 of which are located near The Carlton, located near Kodaikanal Lake. The Kashmir Handicrafts Center in Anna Salai is a must-visit location for distinctive woollen shawls, leather goods, bone and walnut wood items, and brass jewellery. Be ready to haggle! In Kodaikanal, bargaining is a skill used in neighbourhood marketplaces where goods are sold without price tags. It is advised to request a reasonable reduction when shopping in locations where prices are not displayed. State Emporia is worth a visit when you are looking to purchase for fair prices.