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Boating in Kodaikanal

The Princess of Hill Stations, Kodaikanal, is one of the most ethereal hill towns in India. The perfect destination to enjoy an amalgamation of various trees, greenery, hills, cascading waterfalls, virgin lakes and clement weather, Kodaikanal is a destination that you must visit atleast once. The hill station highlights three beautiful lakes that glorify its tourism experience - Kodaikanal Lake, Mannavanur Lake and Berijam Lake. They are distinguished by their charming surroundings and lush greenery. The population of cypress, acacia and eucalyptus beautify the landscape, making for mesmerising panoramas.

Kodaikanal Lake beside Carlton, hotel in Kodaikanal
Row boating in Kodaikanal

The rich flora and majestic landscape make Kodaikanal Lake boating one of the most sought-after activities amongst tourists and locals alike. The magnificent surroundings present visitors with the incredible opportunity to witness the Princess of Hill Stations in all its splendour!

Kodaikanal Lake offers various boating facilities - from paddle boating to double row boating.

Paddle Boating

Kodaikanal has several boat clubs that offer paddle boating services. A paddle boat runs on manpower, where the pedal wheels attached to the boat propel it forward. It is a fun way to drift across lakes, and can be enjoyed by two to four people, depending on the number of seats available. The number of paddle boats at Kodai Lake is quite high. The star-shaped artificial lake enables tourists to ride the calming waters while paddling and embracing the surrounding views.

Paddle Boating at Kodaikanal Lake

Row and Double Row Boating

Unlike Paddle boating, rowing requires upper-body strength. Guests are equipped with a pair of oars that propel the boat forward. It can be done as a solo activity (row boating) as well as in pairs (double row boating). The popular Kodaikanal Boat & Rowing Club features a number of rowboats, and offers boats for hire, so guests can enjoy this delightful activity.

Honeymoon Boating on Kodai Lake

Honeymoon Boating

Being a romantic paradise amongst couples and honeymooners, Kodaikanal bestows lovebirds with an intimate boating experience - honeymoon boating. Also known as Kashmiri boats, these boats have an umbrella-like cover on top that shelters couples and offers more privacy. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you should indulge in! The serenity of Kodai Lake, topped with the ambience created by the homely Kashmiri boats, truly enhances the overall honeymooning venture.

Shikara Boating

Originally found on Dal Lake in Jammu and Kashmir, Shikara boats are wooden boats that can accommodate up to six people with a sailor manoeuvring it. The experience is quite unique and it soon became a popular activity in Kodaikanal’s Kodai Lake as well. Similar to Kashmiri boats, Shikara boats are ideal for couples. Like honeymoon boats, they also provide shelter that heightens privacy and intimacy. Boating across the mesmerising lake during sunsets is a riveting sight indeed!

Kodaikanal boating is a popular activity that is celebrated by its visitors. It lets patrons witness the beauty of the hill station from a distinctive perspective. Visit the quaint hill station and take a trip to Kodai Lake for a phenomenal boat ride. For a comfortable stay, reserve one of the many well-appointed rooms offered by The Carlton Kodaikanal.