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Famous Food in Kodaikanal You Must Try

There is no better way to explore a place than to delve into its flavourful cuisines. Travelling is not only about visiting places and meeting new people. It is also about trying out the local cuisine and enjoying their art and culture. Visit Kodaikanal, a charming resort town in Tamil Nadu assorted with beautiful cliffs, cascading waterfalls and pleasant weather. Where enjoying the picturesque view of the Palani Hills while savouring decadent hot chocolate in the chilly weather is an experience of its own. Kodaikanal offers exquisite Tamil cuisine which includes idlis and dosas. Besides that, the local’s favourite Tibetan dishes like momos and noodle soup are a must-try. The Princess of Hill Stations is certainly a box of delicious surprises!

In this blog, we have curated a list of the lip-smacking famous food in Kodaikanal you must try.

Homemade Chocolate

Looking for souvenirs to get for family or friends? Homemade chocolates are the best gift you can get from Kodaikanal. The small hill station is dotted with several renowned chocolate factories like SG Cottage Industries, Cloud Street, Pot Luck and Chocolate Factory. At present, it is one of the leading producers of chocolates in India. However, the charm of the quaint hill station lies in the homemade chocolate industry. Try these delicious chocolates while enjoying the scenic beauty of Kodai or gift your loved one some customized chocolates from Kodai.

a box containing a bunch of assorted chocolates
a bowl of noodle soup garnished with vegetables with a chopstick on the side

Noodle Soup

Start your journey in these undulating valleys of Kodaikanal by devouring a bowl full of steamy and brothy noodles. The crunchy veggies are scrumptiously complemented by the flavourful soup that oozes out from the noodles with every bite you take. The best way to enjoy this deliciousness is by taking a trip to the roadside food stalls in the misty weather of Kodaikanal. Local food like these will certainly charm your getaway. If you want to delve into the exquisiteness of Kodai, visit Silver Oak Restaurant at The Carlton. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Kodaikanal and serves piquant Asian dishes meticulously prepared by experts and is a must-visit as well.


Let your taste buds run wild as you bite into the blissful taste of steamed momos accompanied by a hot red sauce. The mildness of the momo and the spiciness of the sauce is a must-try combination in Kodaikanal. Be it the juicy and steamy vegetarian momo or the beautifully seasoned chicken momo, it will undoubtedly leave you awestruck. Relish a plateful of delectable warm and appetising momos on a wintery night. Do not forget to try out the crispy and flaky fried momo as the crunchy outer layer and the soft inner fillings balance each other perfectly. Owing to the Tibetan settlements in Kodai, the majestic hill station has gradually opened its doors to Tibetan, Chinese and Asian cuisine.

a plate served with steamed dumplings with a sauce placed by its side
a person creating a pattern with milk foam on a cup of coffee


Imagine sitting in a cosy and warm cafe, surrounded by lush green mountains with mellow music playing in the background while you're sipping on a cup of warm coffee. Fascinating right? Kodaikanal has the perfect ambience for you to spend a low-key time with yourself or your loved ones in tranquillity. It is known for its aromatic and rich coffee and features the famous coffee estate, Thandikudi. When in Kodai, check out The Hearth, a lovely cafe furnished with wooden flooring and an alluring fireplace to keep you warm. Spend a laid-back evening with a warm cup of beverage, a luscious pastry and a company of a book.

The next time you visit this majestic resort town, don't forget to try out these famous food items in Kodaikanal. If you are looking for a place to stay and experience this wholesome food journey, check out our hotel, The Carlton. Our 5-Star hotel exudes colonial charm and the serenity of nature along with lavish accommodations and services. We have four amazing dining options perfect to enjoy the unique Kodai cuisine. The Silver Oak Restaurant and The Terrace offer luxurious settings and sumptuous food amidst the scenic beauty of Kodai. The Hearth is one of the cosiest places in Kodaikanal to hang out and chill while sipping on your coffee and end your day on a high note at End of The Road, a glitzy lounge bar to relax and unwind.