Kochi to Kodaikanal | The Carlton, Kodaikanal

Kochi to Kodaikanal: A Weekend Retreat in the Hills

Feeling the heat in Kochi? No worries, we've got your weekend escape plan! The drive from Cochin to Kodaikanal is a scenic adventure in itself. Buckle up for a 6-7 hour ride along winding roads and lush green landscapes – and guess what? When you land, The Carlton will welcome you into our beautiful abode; it's like heaven on Earth.

Scenic NH 85 Drive: Kochi to Kodaikanal Adventure

Embark on the NH 85 route from Kochi, traversing Muvattupuzha and Thodupuzha. Revel in the scenic beauty of the Western Ghats as you drive. Anticipate reaching Kodaikanal in approximately 5-6 hours, factoring in traffic and potential pit stops for an unforgettable journey.

Road to Kodai
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Get ready for a smooth, scenic journey and throw in some pit stops to your itinerary:

Athirappilly Falls: A must-see for nature lovers. Take a dip, explore, and snap some Insta-worthy pics.
Valara Falls: Dip in the refreshing pool under this waterfall – a perfect escape from the summer heat.
Spice Market in Munnar: Dive into the region's agricultural heritage. Sip on fresh tea, and stock up on a variety of spices to take back home for some yummy recipes.
Cheeyappara Waterfalls: Hike up to this multi-tiered waterfall for panoramic views.

Meenakshi Amman Temple

Along your scenic drive from Kochi to Kodaikanal, stop at the lively Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai, which is dedicated to Goddess Meenakshi. Admire the vibrant colours and intricate carvings on towering gopurams, all in the magnificent Dravidian style of architecture and the awe-inspiring Hall of Thousand Pillars. Soak in the lively energy of this iconic temple.

Meenakshi Amman Temple facing a pond olpwzd
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Kodaikanal Lake

It serves as the central attraction in Kodaikanal with its distinctive star shape. Engage in activities such as renting a boat, taking a leisurely walk along the shores, or appreciating the stunning surroundings. The lake is encircled by picturesque rolling hills and abundant greenery, providing a serene atmosphere. Opt for paddle boating for added enjoyment.

Green Valley View

It provides stunning views of a verdant meadow-covered valley. Climb to the summit for an even more gratifying view, particularly during a romantic sunset. Take in the remarkable panorama featuring the valley and its cascading waterfalls. Don't forget to capture some Instagram-worthy photos and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty. You've travelled all the way from Kochi to Kodaikanal by car; don't miss out on something as heavenly as this destination!

Magnificent lush green mountains in Kodaikanal
Silver Falls near our 5 star hotel in Kodaikanal yslbgw

Bear Shola Falls

A hidden treasure and a brief trek from the primary tourist attractions. Nestled in lush green surroundings, the waterfall offers a peaceful retreat from the crowds. It's an ideal spot for a refreshing swim, a picnic surrounded by nature, or indulging in nature photography.


Guna Caves

Explore the Guna Caves, uncovering the natural wonders and intriguing rock formations hidden within. Remember to bring a torch for this adventurous experience. Initially, the caves were relatively unknown and attracted only hikers until they gained fame following the shooting of the Tamil movie 'Guna' in 1992, starring Kamal Hassan. The caves were depicted as the kidnapper's abode in the film.

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Why Choose The Carlton?

Easy Commuting: Perfect location for exploring Kodaikanal. Lakeside Location: Right beside Kodaikanal Lake for killer views and waterfront access.
Luxury Accommodation: Comfy rooms for a relaxing stay. Rejuvenation: Spa treatments to leave you feeling refreshed.
Adventure Awaits: Trekking, cycling, or a leisurely stroll by the lake.

After exploring, kick back at The Carlton. Wake up to views of Kodaikanal Lake, mist swirling, and that crisp mountain air. It's a vibe! Ready for an epic weekend? Pack your bags, hit the road, retreat at The Carlton, and let the Kodaikanal magic unfold. If you'd like to visit some offbeat destinations that remain untouched, read our blog.