4 Popular Trekking Destinations in Kodaikanal

Known as the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’, Kodaikanal has been well known for its refreshing atmosphere, perfect for a retreat from the monotonous daily life. While it is a revered place for those seeking an abode among trees and mountains, it is also a great place for those who desire the thrill of trekking. An ideal hotel to stay at when one is exploring these trekking routes would be the 5-star hotel in Kodaikanal, The Carlton. With refined hospitality and great weekend and weekday offers, The Carlton Hotel makes for a perfect stay in Kodaikanal. Check out these 4 adventurous trekking trails in Kodaikanal.

a moss-covered tree at Canopy Hills

Canopy Hill

For those looking for a challenging, strenuous trek, Canopy Hills in Vattakanal is the best option. This trail is sure to excite the adventure seekers with its thick green forests, woven intricately with soft tresses of waterfalls. The trek is steep and requires a lot of energy but there are breaks with refreshments in between. Hidden amidst the mist and the mystery is the village of Vellagavi, just like a pearl in a shell which provides the best of homegrown fruits to the travellers. A truly rewarding experience awaits in the forest of Canopy Hills.

Dolphin s nose view point

Dolphin’s Nose

Those who finish their trek on the Canopy Hills shall reach the destination of Dolphin’s Nose, a flat rock, which is, of course in the shape of a Dolphin’s Nose. This place is also accessible to those who don't want to take part in the long, formidable trek. Located in almost the centre of Kodaikanal, it offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the mountains and the mist around. The starspots have to be the Periyakulam Town and the Vaigai Lake. Thrilling and exciting at the same time, the spot is at an elevated seat of 6,600 feet.

visitors at Pambar falls

Pambar Falls 

Pambar Falls is hidden well, deep within the thick canopy of forests. A rare sight of the white rush of water amongst the dense, dark green forests greets you after a trek of almost four hours. This short and relatively easy trek is ideal for a family escapade into the world of greenery and coolness. Enjoy the view of gushing water over steep step rocks at Pambar Falls.

Pillar Rocks on a foggy day

Pillar Rocks

The Pillar Rocks are three enormous rocks, standing tall, weaved together naturally. This splendour of a sight can be reached after 4 hours of adventurous trekking between the misty forests with beautiful foliage. The rocks which are about 660 feet tall also home the ‘Devil’s Kitchen’ a deep, mysterious chasm. Enjoy the charm and chills of a deep, misty trek.

These are some of the gems that one gets to explore amongst the scenic setting of Kodaikanal. Experience the ultimate retreat experience that Kodaikanal has to offer at The Carlton, the only 5 Star Hotel at Kodaikanal. Book your rooms today, to revel in the unmatched bliss of nature.