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Seven Suggested Itineraries for the Enchanting South including The Carlton - 5 Star Hotel in Kodaikanal

We, at the Carlton - 5 Star Hotel in Kodaikanal, prove to be the best hotel to stay in during your visit to the city.

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Garden Treat for 13 days

Travel from the bustling city of Bangalore towards the quaint town of Madurai and witness the enchanting beauty of South India unravel before your eyes.

Route: Bangalore - Mysore - Masinagudi - Udagamandalam (Ooty) - Coonoor - Kodaikanal - Madurai - Rameshwaram - Madurai

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Southern Sojourn for 14 days

A long getaway complete with picturesque views is promised to you on the routes from Chennai to Kochi. From the plains of Tamil Nadu to the backwaters of Kochi, this trail offers it all.

Route: Chennai - Thanjavur - Madurai - Rameshwaram - Madurai - Kodaikanal - Munnar - Thekkady - Kumarakom - Kochi

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Dream Run for 11 days

This trail is the travel journey you have dreamt of taking, and is marked by some of the most stunning views that South India has to offer. Drive through Kerala and rekindle your bond with mother nature.

Route: Thiruvanantapuram - Kanyakumari - Kovalam - Kollam - Thekkady - Madurai - Kodaikanal - Coimbatore

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Pilgrim's Progress for 11 days

From mesmerizing temples, to exploring the Chola dynasty, this trail offers it all. Surprises await you at each curve as you traverse from Chennai to Coimbatore.

Route: Chennai - Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram - Puducherry - Thanjavur - Tiruchirapalli - Madurai - Rameshwaram - Kodaikanal - Coimbatore

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Serene Country for 10 days

No trip to South India is complete without exploring the hills of Coonoor and gazing at the architectural marvel of Mysore Palace. The trip ends in the scenic hills of Nilgiri and will leave you with an aftertaste of wanderlust.

Route: Bangalore - Mysore - Udagamandalam - Coonoor - Kodaikanal - Coimbatore

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Nature Trek for 9 days

Lush trees, enchanting fauna and pathways strewn with leaves, all await you at this 9 day trek. This magical trek commences from Coimbatore and leads to the scenic town of Kochi, where each stop is marked by enchanting locales.

Coimbatore - Kodaikanal -Thekkady - Munnar - Kochi

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Marine Ride for 14 days

Waterfalls, horse riding, trekking, cycling, 'shikara' rides, wildlife sanctuary, and the scenic views of Kodai and Periyar Lake, all beckon to the traveler in you. Explore the many hidden treasures of South India on the Marine Ride.

Route: Coimbatore - Kodaikanal - Thekkady - Mararikulam - Kumarakom - Kochi - Lakshadweep - Kochi

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You can extend your stay at any destination of your choice. You can join in or depart at any point in all the holiday itineraries.

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