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Night Safari in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal offers a chance to witness what happens in nature once the sun sets. Unlike a regular safari during the day, you can opt for a night safari in Kodaikanal for a unique experience. These tours wind through forest trails designated for the safari and offer you a chance to witness nocturnal animals in their natural habitat. These tours are usually conducted in open jeeps or modified vehicles with spotlight specialists for navigating the hills in the dark. Here is what you can expect during a Kodaikanal night safari.

Exploring Designated Forest Trails 

There are specific forest trails in Kodaikanal that are chosen for night safaris. This is to ensure that the trails are safe for the participants and ones that do not harm the ecosystem. Since this hill station is nestled in the Palani Hills you can expect to go through dense Shola forests. The forests are thick with evergreen trees with a dense undergrowth that makes this the perfect habitat for nocturnal animals. 

The safari also goes through the valley region surrounding the Palani Hills since this is an excellent viewpoint for nocturnal wildlife who prefer to live in lower-elevation areas. Some of the animals you may encounter during your safari are barking deer, Indian gaur, sambar deer, night jars and wild boars to name a few. 

a view from the bottom of the pine trees covered with fog in kodaikanal

Things to Remember 

The tour guides will likely avoid areas with a lot of animal activities, this is done to ensure that the ecosystem is not harmed in any manner. Also, ensure that you do not use any bright artificial lights during the safari and scare away the animals, this will increase your chances of wildlife sighting while ensuring that you are not stressing out the animals.

For more information about the forest trails and other landmarks you will be exploring contact your tour guide for detailed information. To ensure a comfortable trip dress comfortably to avoid insects and to protect yourself from shrubs and thorns in the dark. 

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